Search Rankings Broken? 93 Percent Of All Online Activity Starts With A Search Engine Query, Bad Rankings Have Never Been More Costly For Business.

An Established Website With Good Search Rankings For Multiple Relevant Keywords Can Drive Huge Sales Volumes Worth Millions Of Dollars In Revenue. The Reverse Is Also True, With Over Two Decades Of Search Marketing Experience We Are Here To Fix Bad Search Performance. 

  • Higher Search Engine Rankings = More Clients  More Sales & Higher Revenue.
  • Anything Less Than The Front Page Is A Gift To Your Competitors
  • More People Are Working Online,  SEO Is More Important Than Ever
  • Almost Every Website We Audit Has Multiple Unresolved Issues

What We Do For Your Business


Website Analysis to check that your website is correctly optimised for the search engines. A thorough check of all “on page” ranking factors including keyword research and the hosting performance. 


Following Analysis of the website and target market we formulate and implement a strategy. For the very best reults both on page and off page ranking factors are addressed. 

Rank Higher.

Search Engines respond quickly to changes, there are many factors that influence the results of any given search. Its not unusual to see ranking changes within a few weeks, getting that high value “first result” can take a few months or longer. 

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase..


The Next Step Is To Take Action

Get In Touch with us if you have a question, we want to hear from you. Each case is unique and thats what makes it interesting!  We have extensive experience in a range of vertical markets too broad to list here so let’s chat about your unique situation and get your website and rankings fixed. 

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Our Clients Say....

When we launched my very first web strategy call was placed to the team at firstpage. They have a long history of results in the search marketing space and I’m happy to recomend them to anyone needing advice.” 

Dr Patrick Hillenbrand -

About First Result

Since 1999 we have been working through SEO best practice and the challenges that come with the changes needed to keep pace with rapidly eveloving search technology.  Google is still leading the way and has the bulk of the available search traffic. We have developed and launched more websites for ourselves and clients than we can remember or count. Keeping up with ranking changes is ongoing and we are here to deliver the very best advice and service based on over two decades of experience.